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Ruger Precision Rifle: The Jard Trigger

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Hey everyone it’s the bearded barbarianĀ from theĀ north again. I can hear you shouting at your monitors “Finally! Don got off his butt and got writing again.” Well there’s been more to it than that lately and I’ll spare you the details. Today I’m going to be talking to you about …

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Exos Defense Ti-7 Buttstock

In Review by RichLeave a Comment

We were talking with the folks over at Exos Defense and Exos Gear recently about some products they wanted us to take a look at. I took them up on their offer to check our their Ti-7 buttstock and really liked how it turned out. For starters, their packaging is beautiful! Not that I buy products based on packaging, but it’s a nice touch when the product you shell out money for comes in good looking packaging! I was also surprised to find a whole slew of schwag in the box beyond just the stock. They also sent over their trigger guard, pistol grip, and stock support for precision work! First thing I did was bust out some tools to get everything mounted up, then I shot with the stock and accessories for a while. I took it to a qualification course at work. I even mounted a 1-4x scope on it to really try out the stock support. How did it all go? Read on!

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Magpul Hunter 22 Stock

In Review by Rich2 Comments

There’s been a lot of interest in Magpul’s decision to get into the rifle stock game and rightfully so. I’ve found Magpul products to be quite durable and their function has never left me upset or wanting more. We did an anticipatory article on the Magpul Hunter 700 stock a while back. There’s been quite a bit of interest in that article here at AccuracyTech. Full disclosure, I don’t currently have any plans to acquire one of the Hunter 700s. I don’t have a Remington barreled action with a barrel contour that will fit at the moment. However, my wife’s journey into Precision Rifle shooting began about a year ago with a Ruger 10/22. Magpul has also released a Hunter 22 stock, which shares many of the same features with the Magpul Hunter 700. I believe in reviewing the Hunter 22, I can give some insight into what to expect with the Hunter 700!