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Baking Brass

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In this article I thought I’d talk about a couple methods of drying brass off, some that I think are good, and some that I think are definitely bad. The most common method I hear for those that wet tumble their brass…is baking it in the oven. Then there’s also the fairly recent method, at least recent to me, of using a food dehydrator. I’m going to say this from the get go, there’s a lot of not good chemicals involved in firearms. I think putting your fired cases with carbon, and all kinds of other nasty stuff, anywhere near an appliance that you are going to use to prepare your food is a bad idea. Cancer is no fun, so let’s not expose ourselves to stuff that makes a fight with the big C any more likely than it already is. If you’re going to do any of what we discuss in the baking brass article, use old stuff you have no intention to use for food preparation again, ok?