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Wet Weather Shooting

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This article was inspired by my recent experience at the 2015 Sniper’s Hide Cup. The majority of the first day, and all of the first morning, were wet-windy-cold! I had done a few things to prepare and try to better outfit myself for the conditions. Some of it worked great, some of it worked less than great. However, as the tactical rifle competition scene gets more popular and more people start to participate, more people will find themselves shooting in poor weather. So in this article we’re going to go over some simple stuff you can do to prepare yourself and your rifle for a moist outing whether you are going to the range, on a hunting trip, or you happen to be one of our Military guys deployed in a wet environment. The whole idea here is to keep yourself, and the rifle, as dry and comfortable as possible so you and rifle function better as a system despite the conditions!