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Windmeter, A Must Have Item

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Today I’m going to talk a bit about wind meters and why they’re a necessary tool for the precision shooter. I see this question a bunch, especially among newer shooters; what do I need first? You can do a lot in this game without spending crazy money, especially in the beginning. However, you really need to have a wind meter as you get started and throughout your journey into precision shooting. The main reason why is because trying to guesstimate the wind speed based on what you see and feel is just that…a guess. In order to learn and to calibrate your senses to what that means in terms of wind speed you need a wind meter. The technical term is anemometer. What we mean is a device that measures wind speed.

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Kestrel: How To Set It Up

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We talk a lot about the Kestrel weather meters that are produced by Nielsen-Kellerman. There’s a reason. They’re excellent weather instruments that give the precision shooter all the environmental conditions needed for an accurate firing solution, all in the palm of your hand. There are other meters out there, some at lower prices, but none that I’ve seen match the precision of the Kestrel. If you so desire, you can even purchase models with ballistics engines included on the device. This gives you the added benefit of being able to compute firing solutions from the very device that’s measuring the conditions. However, the ballistics features do come with a price increase!