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Writer Introduction: Don

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Hey everyone. I know after that last piece that I wrote some of you are scratching your heads going “Who the hell is this guy?” Others might remember my previous pieces on Cerakote and Duracoat. Well we figured a reintroduction was in order. I’m Don, and I’m going to be contributing here at Accuracy-Tech. I’m a student working on my degrees in aeronautical engineering, hoping to get into the field of ballistics basically. To put myself through college I currently work two jobs, one we’ve already had a great close up look at, and the other is working on the other side of a counter at a gun store. Before all that I did tree trimming by power lines here in good old Minnesota, communications tower work all over the Midwest, restaurant management, and a whole slew of other things. But the one thing that’s stayed almost constant is my love of shooting in all it’s forms. That’s why I bugged the ever loving crap out of Rich a long time ago to start writing for him.