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XLR Industries Envy Chassis Impressions

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I’m going to write a bit about the first impressions I’ve had playing with the new XLR Industries Envy Chassis. I want to stress from the get go, this is not a full blown review. You can expect that in around another month. I’m going to be attending the Butch’s NMLRS match as part of the National Rifle League’s 2017 season at the end of September. I’m going to get some photos and finish up the review after I’ve had a chance to run the chassis hard in a competitive setting. It will let me get a feel for other things that are hard to put a finger on till you attempt it. Things like how the chassis does on various obstacles and positional shooting stages.

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XLR Industries Visit

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This week we were able to stop by the XLR Industries shop for a tour and a chat with some of the crew! These visits are always really interesting both for us and our readers. It’s always fascinating to see some of the process behind popular products. It’s truly amazing some of the technology XLR Industries uses to transform hunks of aluminum into highly sought after chassis systems. Their shop is state of the art. Computer controlled Haas CNC machines, 3 Dimensional modeling, it’s pretty impressive to hear about. So let’s get started on a quick look behind the curtain at XLR Industries!