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Top Posts of 2015

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So here’s another first for us, the Top Posts of 2015! This is based on traffic to the AccuracyTech website, which increased approximately 600% this year over last year. That may or may not sound all that impressive, but it actually had increased 300% last year over the year before. So not only is traffic increasing, year after year, the rate of the increase is getting higher as well. These were the top ten most frequently visited articles. You may have seen some earlier as they were published. This is a chance for people to catch up on the top posts of the year they may have missed. I’m also going to talk briefly about why we believe we’re seeing these articles receive so much traffic!

#10 – Harris Bipod Vs Atlas Bipod!


The Harris Bipod Vs Atlas Bipod article was a pretty big hit, it was one of the Top Posts of 2015. I think a lot of people are trying to get into precision shooting these days. One of the first accessories they start shopping around for is a bipod. These are the two biggest brands when it comes to choosing a bipod, so it makes sense that this would be garnering some interest. If you’re in the market for one of these bipods, or you know somebody else that is, point them towards this article so they can make an educated decision!

#9 – Long Range Shooting with a Semi Auto!

SemiAuto for long range shooting1

The Long Range Shooting with a Semi Auto article really needs no explanation as to why it was one of the Top Posts of 2015. AR15s are extremely popular and owned by many. By extension, the larger AR10 platform is equally appealing and folks tend to stick with what’s familiar. However, you need to be aware they are not nearly as forgiving or easy to achieve maximum accuracy with as their smaller, AR15 brethren. You have to have a SOLID grasp of the fundamentals in order to get a semi auto shooting sub minute of angle in a platform this size!

#8 – Loading a Bipod!

Victor Company - 006

Our article on Loading a Bipod was pretty popular this year, it was one of the Top Posts of 2015! This was actually picked up over on AccurateShooter.com for a bit, we were honored to have an article receive that kind of praise! This tends to be one of those things newer shooters struggle with. Properly loading a bipod helps the shooter maintain their natural point of aim and it keeps the rifle from jumping around under recoil. If it’s a foreign concept to you…maybe have a look at this article and see if it’s something that might help you on your next range trip!

#7 – Rem/Age Conversions Explained!


Our Rem/Age Conversions Explained article was a big hit. There seems to be a lot of growing interest in this conversion for the Remington 700 action and it’s clones. With some simple modifications you can set a Remington action up to take prefit barrels that lock into place with a nut just like a Savage rifle. The advantage here is user swappable barrels and calibers that can be done in a few minutes at home with the proper tools. We’ve had excellent results from Criterion barrels that produce match grade prefit barrels for Rem/Age systems!

#6 – How To Ring Steel at 1000 Yards!

1000 Yard Line Image

Our article on How to Ring Steel at 1000 Yards was another humbling experience. It was actually picked up and linked on the Brownells.com Facebook page, which was great! It’s just awesome to see such support from large companies in the shooting industry. This was meant as a general how to guide in the broad strokes for newer shooters interested in getting into long range shooting. Nobody gets into this sport because they want to shoot a target at 450 yards, for most people the draw is the long shot…the 1000 yard shot! This article will help newer folks make it happen!

#5 – Pro Precision Rifles Bolt Fluting Service Review!

Going to have to get my barrel done to match now

Our review of the Pro Precision Rifles Bolt Fluting Service continues to be one of our more popular articles! This surprises me from time to time, but as far as aesthetics go, fluting your bolt is a no brainer. It adds a custom look to your rifle and sets it apart from the factory offerings on the market today. Pro Precision Rifles is a first rate outfit and they do excellent work at a reasonable price. The time frame has been about a week both times I’ve used their service, so if this is something you’re interested in, give this article a read and consider using Pro Precision Rifles!

#4 – RCBS Chargemaster Modifications!

RCBS Chargemaster 1500

One of the more popular items on every hand loaders bench is the RCBS Chargemaster. If you haven’t been happy with it’s performance out of the box, this article is for you. We did an article specifically to address RCBS Chargemaster Modifications that you can make to your unit. These are simple modifications that address some of the shortcomings of the Chargemaster. They will increase the consistency and reliability of the charge weights that are dispensed while getting it done in less time! If you have a Chargemaster but missed this post, give it a look!

#3 – Is a Scope Level Necessary?


Our third most popular article for all of 2015 was our Is a Scope Level Necessary? article. We talked a bit about ballistics in this article and how the effect of a canted rifle can change your point of impact over distance. There’s some debate as to whether a level is necessary or not. This article was never meant to convince anybody one way or the other. The idea was to explain the effects of a canted rifle on ballistics and to let you, the reader, decide whether or not it makes sense to add one to your precision rifle!

#2 – Magpul Hunter 700 Rifle Stock

Magpul Hunter 700 Photo 1

The second most popular article on the AccuracyTech website for 2015 was our article on the Magpul Hunter 700 Rifle Stock! This article was written prior to the release of the Hunter 700. There’s been a lot of interest in this stock this year and I think that will continue. The stock offers a wide range of adjustment features, and the addition of a detachable magazine system, for a reasonable price. We also did a quick review of the Hunter 22 Stock, which shares many of the same features. Both stocks offer an affordable upgrade that adds features to the respective rifle systems, be it a Remington 700 and the Ruger 10/22!

#1 Р6.5 Creedmoor РRifle Caliber for Beginners РTop Post of 2015! 

308 Winchester - 175 Hollow Point Boat Tail (L), 6.5 Creedmoor - 123 Lapua Scenar (M), 338 Lapua Magnum - 285 Hollow Point Boat Tail

Our most popular article for the entire year, with more views than any other, was our 6.5 Creedmoor – Rifle Caliber for Beginners article! The popularity of the 6.5 Creedmoor caliber has exploded in the last couple years. It offers greatly enhanced ballistics over the 308 Winchester! The barrel life of the caliber is in excess of what most people are likely to exceed in years of shooting. Sometimes its a hard sell, people don’t want to let go of the 308 Winchester. However, the time is here and if you’re just getting started in the sport of Precision Shooting, the Creedmoor is the logical choice!

Wrapping Up

So I hope those of you, that have found your way to this site during the last year, would have already found some of these articles useful. However, I know that people have lives and responsibilities. We don’t all have the time to look through sites with tons of information. As the amount of information on AccuracyTech increases, it’s less and less practical to expect the readers to have seen all the content. The idea of this post was to give everybody a quick recap of the top ten posts that the readers found most useful. That’s based on the pageviews. People interested in an article, and clicking on it, or sharing it online. What I think is most useful and what the readers find useful aren’t always the same. So if you missed any of these, they may be worth your while! Happy New Year everyone!

Owner and Proprietor of AccuracyTech, LLC. Rich is a Firearms Enthusiast, Precision Rifle Competitor, and Writer. He is committed to bringing readers quality reviews and articles related to the Precision Shooting Sports. If you have any questions for him, please use the contact form on the site.


  1. Rich I am not always glad when I hear my phone ding when i see it is s email from you I can’t to open it.

  2. Hi Rich,
    Did you ever use the versapod?
    I think there one of the best bipod’s around but don’t see a lot about them on the web..
    Maybe you could include one in one of your excellent reviews
    Have the battlepack myself with different types of feet etc.
    And do you like to use a rear monopod on your rifles?
    I have found these to be a real aid in accuracy by making a fist around and squeezing for height adjustment.
    Glad I found the site!
    A.t.b. Ben

    1. Author

      Not a fan of rear monopods, just isn’t my thing but there’s nothing wrong with them.

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