Photo of the Triad Tactical ammo pouch straps

Triad Tactical Rifle Ammo Pouch

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Here we are taking a look at another ammunition management solution, this one from the folks at Triad Tactical. The Triad Tactical Rifle Ammo Pouch (RAP) is an interesting solution to ammunition storage and transport. Many of us want to get away from the bulky size and chicklet effect of the plastic ammo boxes when we attend a class, match, etc. with a precision rifle and we have to carry a significant quantity of ammunition along with us. The Triad Tactical Rifle Ammo Pouch addresses this issue in a simple way but it really happens to work well and has become one of my preferred methods of ammunition storage on the move.

Photo of the Triad Tactical Ammo pouch closed up

Triad Tactical Ammo Pouch Closed Up


The Triad Tactical Rifle Ammo Pouch is constructed of quality materials and is made in the USA. Understand that products produced in the USA will often cost more than those made overseas because the labor and material costs here in the US are higher. Along with the added price will come a higher degree of quality. The stitching and materials of the Triad Tactical Rifle Ammo Pouch are top notch. They have held up well to use and there is no noticeable issue with the construction of the Triad Tactical Rifle Ammo Pouch to speak of.


The design of the Triad Tactical Rifle Ammo Pouch is not an uncommon one. This is your typical ‘ammo burrito’ type design where the ammunition to be stored slips into elastic loops and then the whole gadget is folded up. The Triad Tactical Rifle Ammo Pouch has molle webbing included on the rear for mounting to bags and packs. As with most ammo burrito designs there is a cinch strap mechanism for holding the whole package closed after being loaded. It does however have a few pretty cool additions absent from the competition!

Photo of the back of the Triad Tactical Ammo Pouch

Back of the Triad Tactical Ammo Pouch showing the Molle webbing

Photo of the Triad Tactical Pouch and how it unfolds

Triad Tactical Ammo Pouch has two flaps that fold in from the sides


Without being overly redundant and going over a lot of what was already mentioned in the design area I want to point out what sets these aside from other similar pouches.┬áThe Triad Tactical Rifle Ammo Pouch has a few extras built in that really put a nice spin on the ammo burrito idea. For one they have added clear vinyl windows on both sides that allow you to store dope, a small map, whatever you find useful directly in the pouch with the ammunition itself. I like that they have included Molle webbing on the rear for mounting the pouches if you like. I also like the adjustable straps on the closure buckles. That allows for a little flexibility with what’s loaded into the pouch.

Photo of the Triad Tactical Ammo Pouch unfolded

Triad Tactical Ammo Pouch opened up showing dope pockets and shell holders


They also have some little nylon slots for the tips of the loaded rounds to sit under that helps protect the tips from damage. We all spend a lot of money and time on getting the most accuracy and consistency possible out of our rifles. It would certainly be a let down if what we stored the ammunition in allowed easy damage to the tips and thus a loss of accuracy and consistency. Its not a huge ‘holy cow’ thing but it shows attention to detail and that counts for a lot.

Photo of the Ammo Pouch's bullet tip protector pocket

The bullet tips slip behind and are protected by a nylon pocket!


With regard to durability, the Triad Tactical Rifle Ammo Pouch has held up superbly. This was one of my first experiments with alternate methods of ammunition management so this pouch has been around my gear pile a while. I’ve used it and tossed it around a bit and like most quality Nylon items the Triad Tactical Rifle Ammo Pouch has held up supremely well. I was initially a little leery of the plastic buckles. I’ve had plastic buckles on all kinds of expensive stuff break so I’m not a fan but the buckles on the Triad Tactical Rifle Ammo Pouch have held up well and kept on truckin’. No issues with any of the stitching or any of the materials breaking down or showing premature wear. In fact the Triad Tactical Rifle Ammo Pouch hasn’t shown much of any wear this far other than some dirt!


I could be wrong on this but I think there may have been a price change since I bought my Triad Tactical Rifle Ammo Pouch. I won’t toss numbers out but it was well worth the price and has held up supremely well for the money I paid. Now most of the colors available are going for $30.00 even with only the more exotic stuff like Kryptek and Multicam going for an additional $5.00 for a total of $35.00. That’s a pretty attractive price in my mind and I think I’m going to start setting some money aside to pick up a few more.


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  1. Have you reviewed a Triad Tactical stock pack? I’m thinking of getting one to improve my cheek rest on the stock.

    1. Author

      I haven’t reviewed one of their stock packs, Todd. I highly recommend a stock with an adjustable comb.

  2. I do have an adjustable comb on my long range rifle. I would like to be able to use a solid cheek weld on my hunting rifle without adding much weight.

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