Turbo Charge Your AICS with Viper Skins

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Michael Victor over at Victor Company were nice enough to send us a whole package full of their latest products. We’ve reviewed each individual product and those reviews are an in depth look at the individual products. However, having access to all these products, we wanted to do a write up on how to upgrade your Accuracy International Chassis System with Victor Company Products so that our readers could get a sense of what to expect and what might be gained or lost by purchasing the products from Victor Company. Rather than looking at pieces we hope to give you a sense of the gross or aggregate change to your rifle by combining the whole product line and adding it to your rifle.

Like any good product line, the foundation of the Victor Company lineup are the replacement Viper Skins which can be added to your Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS) for $149.99 USD. This product opens the door for the rest of the company’s lineup as most additional products offered all augment the functionality of the Viper Skins. The Viper Skins are in essence, a facelift for the thumbhole AICS chassis that bring new ergonomics and allow for multiple add on’s at the same time.

FDE Viper Skins


Read the AccuracyTech Review of Victor Company’s Viper Skins HERE!

By unbolting the two halves that make up the AICS chassis you can remove the skins and expose the bare frame of the chassis. Once you have removed the old skins the new skins slip over the chassis and give the AICS a new feel. The pistol grip feels great and the new hook design of the rear buttstock area makes riding a bag or rest a lot easier. Anything that enhances consistency and comfort is a good thing, right? Additionally, by utilizing a set of Viper Skins you open the door for the other product enhancements that Victor Company offers. This is one of the reasons it makes sense to go with their skins if you find the products and features they offer desirable. The QD sling kit for example, is not compatible with the Accuracy International pistol grip skins. When you order products from Victor Company, they ship quickly and the products are packaged well. Here we have a video showing a box of goodies and the packaging typical of products that ship from Victor Company!

Installing the skins is simple and fairly quickly accomplished. Once you have the new skins on your AICS chassis it feels like a brand new stock. The feel is that different, as is the appearance. It gives you the illusion that you purchased a brand new chassis for $149.99 USD. The skins come packaged in a set with all the required hardware and even an allen wrench to ensure the customer has everything they need to get the skins installed. Read the instructions and make sure you have the correct bolts ready to match up with the correct openings in the skins. We recommend you get that right first with the skins off the stock, then pull them out one at a time and line them up on the table or counter in front of you. Then you can slip them in and tighten them down in a line from left to right without worrying about the wrong bolt in the wrong opening giving you a bolt that is too long or too short.

For anyone curious, the reason I couldn’t get the last bolt in at the front without some wiggling wasn’t the fault of the skins at all. The hole in the chassis had a liner of sorts inside it that was slightly off center. All I had to do was start at the front and the skins bolted up just fine, despite my older and slightly grouchy stock.

After installing the Viper Skins you have your AICS chassis and a whole new feel to exploit. As I said, it also opens the door to a host of their other products. Each with their own benefits and enhancements that they add to your rifle package. The remaining product lineup is as follows:

  • V2 Rear Skins – Offers a different feel and set of ergonomics and enables use of the Accu-Shot Monopod
  • QD Sling Kit – Enables use of QD enabled slings by swapping out the rear sling mount and adding a forward mounting point
  • Accustack Comb Spacers – Keeps dirt and grime out from under the cheek piece and allows consistent height for cleaning
  • XL Grip – If you have big hands and want a bigger palm swell, you can swap out the standard for an XL
  • Full Length Picatinny Rail Set – Provides mounting space for large accessories on the front end of the rifle


You can check out our reviews of the V2 Rear Skins HERE, the QD Sling Kit HEREand the Grippy Cheek Rest HERE. When you have added these enhancements to your rifle you get something that looks like this!

Victor Company Viper Skins with V2 Rear Skins Installed

Victor Company Viper Skins with V2 Rear Skins Installed

Victor Company V2 Rear Skins!

Victor Company V2 Rear Skins and Grippy Cheekrest

Victor Company - 029

V1 Rear Skins

Victor Company - 037

Fit and Finish is excellent!

Victor Company - 036

Magwell Area

Victor Company - 034

QD Sling Rail

Obviously if you have come this far you might be wondering how it shoots with all this stuff and how well it all works. In short, it works really well and it shoots well off of barricades, tripods, sticks, etc. I’ve shot these skins off a Hog Saddle in excess of 700 yards with enough stability and comfort in my position to be able to watch for splash of a hit or miss which allowed me to correct and hit on the second round. From prone the chassis with the Viper Skins rode our assortment of rear bags very well and I’ve managed hits at 1250 yards prone. I won’t say that all of that is possible just because I have a set of Viper Skins on my rifle but I will offer this anecdotal observation. When I first started shooting long range a couple years ago, consistent hits at even 600 yards were very difficult. An adjustable stock made a huge difference in the comfort and consistency of my shooting positions that made a noticeable difference both in feel and on paper with regard to accuracy. The moral of this story is Consistency is key! So anything you can do to make the rifle fit you better, feel a bit more comfortable, line up with your shoulder the same way, all of that contributes to the consistency of your position and the consistency of your shots. The Viper Skins and accompanying accessories are my attempts to take my own advice and indulge in some reasonable expenses that enhance the comfort and consistency of my rifle.

Obviously the take home message here is that this stuff all works. I think the reason that Victor Company’s products are popular and why they tend to function well is that each one was specifically engineered to address a shortcoming of the AICS chassis at the time. Guys wanted the pistol grip of the AX Chassis line and the mounting options for accessories without the $1300+ dollar price tag. Viper Skins show up on the market and people get what they want. For a long time guys griped about pulling their cheekrest for cleaning on a AICS 1.5 and having to go through the hassle of resetting the cheekrest each time. The Accustacks arrive on the market and problem solved. Guys start using QD slings more and more because they are convenient, effective, and easy to remove for storage but the standard AICS was set up for using HK hooks only. QD Sling kit hits the masses and problem solved..

I think this highlights a real strength of Victor Company. They LISTEN to their customers and they LISTEN to the market. If people are clamoring for something and you want to run an effective business, you find a way to meet the demand of the market by pleasing your customers with products that solve their problem. Victor Company is a problem solving business. I’ve seen them use the phrase, “We don’t make the AICS, we make it better!” Truer words may never have been spoken. The AICS chassis is an outstanding piece of gear. Its an excellent rifle stock and I noticed an immediate improvement in my shooting and my ability when I went from a stock that wasn’t adjustable and was Frankensteined into fitting me better to an AICS chassis that I could dial into my size and shooting preferences. As time goes on you find your tastes change or features that you would like that weren’t present when you purchased a product. A company that meets that demand will be a successful one!

Rumor has it that Victor Company is working on a new Top Secret product. Hopefully when it is ready for the market they will give us the chance to review their new offerings as they have with their current lineup. If you guys have any questions about the products from Victor Company we have reviewed, email us or post a question in the comments. We will try to get it answered for you quickly and if we can’t answer it I will reach out to Victor Company and I’m sure one of their people will hop on and answer it for you.

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