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The phrase I’ve been using to describe any issues that anyone has with their Accuracy International Chassis System has been, “There’s a Victor Company Product for that!” If you own an AICS stock and you’ve ever shot it outside in the heat, you know that when your face gets even a little moist from sweat, the cheekrest that comes with the AICS gets real slippery…real quick. On a square range that might be something you can live with, but in any sort of dynamic environment it can be annoying. If you shoot in precision rifle matches, serve in the military, or work in law enforcement you sometimes find things happening at a hurried pace and slipping around while trying to get the correct eye relief in a shooting position that isn’t prone or supported on a bench can be challenging. Enter the Victor Company Grippy Cheekrest!

Side View of Victor Company QD Rear Sling Adaptor & Grippy Cheekrest

Side View of Victor Company QD Rear Sling Adaptor & Grippy Cheekrest


Victor company uses their own proprietary recipe of super space age materials to craft the Grippy Cheekrest. I have to admit it was sort of a surprise. When I first started using it, I found it to be stiffer than I thought it would be, however it still has some give to it and is noticeably softer than the regular hard plastic version that comes with the AICS stock. It is made to help absorb some moisture and in general, keep your face, and your eyeball, where they are supposed to be…behind the scope!


There is not a whole lot to say here as this is not an overly complex piece of the AICS puzzle. However, I do like that the Victor Company Grippy Cheekrest has a bit of a shelf built into the contour of the cheekrest itself. Where the AICS cheekrest was rounded the Victor Company Grippy Cheekrest has a bit of a flat and some edges molded in. At first, being used to the regular rounded cheekrest, this bothered me. As I managed to get more time behind the gun with the Grippy Cheekrest installed, I began to appreciate the shelf and even the edges present in the design of the Victor Company Grippy Cheekrest. Why? We all known consistency is the name of the game, and those little hints of an edge and the flatter shelf on top of the Grippy Cheekrest help my cheekbone find the right spot faster and with more consistency than the rounded cheekrest the AICS chassis comes with.

Victor Company Grippy Cheekrest above with the Original AI Cheekrest Below

Victor Company Grippy Cheekrest above with the Original AI Cheekrest Below


As far as features go, the main draw is the grippy texture. I’ve used it for a while now and I can say that I liked the texture from the get go. The other thing worth noting about the Victor Company Grippy Cheekrest is that it has the same quality threaded brass inserts for the two posts that slip into the AICS chassis for adjusting the height of the Grippy Cheekrest. So it makes for a fairly easy changeover from the old cheekrest to the new Grippy Cheekrest and there is no loss of function in the switch.

Victor Company - 019


Durability wise I’ve not had an issue with the Victor Company Grippy Cheekrest. Its not so soft that regular use is going to put a lot of wear on it, its tougher than that. In fact I’d go as far as to say that its almost as tough as a regular plastic cheekrest. Obviously its a softer compound and it has a rubber texture to it so while I’m sure you could put wear on it by dragging the rifle upside down on concrete or something, who really does stuff like that? I don’t baby my rifle but I also don’t go out of my way to abuse it to test the durability of smaller components. I say this a lot, but honestly, if you manage to tear up the Victor Company Grippy Cheekrest, you are probably going to cry over your destroyed optics that cost thousands before you fret about the destruction of an aftermarket Grippy Cheekrest that cost you less than $40.00 USD.

Victor Company - 008


The price on the Victor Company Grippy Cheekrest is right in line with where it should be. For what it is and what I’m sure goes into producing them I find it to be accurately priced. It doesn’t feel like you are paying more than you should nor does it feel under priced where they would be flying off the shelf and hard to find. Its exactly what it should be. What would be an interesting development is if Victor Company offered discounts on package deals like they have with their sling kit. If you bought the whole kit and kaboodle of their products, maybe you would save a little on each to entice the buyer to buy more than one or two items at a time.

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