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Hey everyone. I know after that last piece that I wrote some of you are scratching your heads going “Who the hell is this guy?” Others might remember my previous pieces on Cerakote and Duracoat. Well we figured a writer introduction was in order. I’m Don, and I’m going to be contributing here at Accuracy-Tech.  One thing that’s stayed almost constant is my love of shooting in all it’s forms. That’s why I bugged the ever loving crap out of Rich a long time ago to start writing for him.

Writer Introduction

I’m a student working on my degrees in aeronautical engineering, hoping to get into the field of ballistics basically. To put myself through college I currently work two jobs, one we’ve already had a great close up look at, and the other is working on the other side of a counter at a gun store. Before all that I did tree trimming by power lines here in good old Minnesota, communications tower work all over the Midwest, restaurant management, and a whole slew of other things.

After my first piece I had life get very much in my way so it took me a while to get my latest pieces done. I’m not really sorry about it because I’m betting I never really registered on anyone’s radar, and no one should have to apologize for things beyond their control. Well I’m hoping to change that, the part about not being on your radar. You can definitely expect to see me being a more regular contributor here at Accuracy-Tech. Last of all I really want to thank Rich for this great opportunity. He’s been absolutely stellar, and an amazing help for what I’ve already done. And I’m not just blowing smoke or hot air.

Me On Shooting And What I’m Bringing

I’m pretty sure I haven’t been shooting as long as some of you might have been, but I love just about anything and everything to do with shooting. It’s one reason why I’m shoving my big bearded face into the industry if I can. I love the detail work when it comes to long range precision shooting, as well as everything from 3 gun to shotgun sports. I’m lucky to live in an area where I’ve got easy access to anything and everything shooting related, as well as several great companies who call this area home. I got into long range shooting mainly from reading about it and said essentially “Yeah this is what I want to do.” I’m still pretty much your average everyday guy, and I’m going to continue bringing that kind of voice here. I really feel that a lot of the more “average shooter who doesn’t have the money lying around to drop on a custom rifle” is one segment that’s overlooked for the most part, so I’m going to try and fill that void.

The Handsome Author Himself:


I’m personally excited to have Don contributing here at AccuracyTech. What the readers don’t usually see is the work that goes into a site like this. The long hours and limitless efforts to create really interesting content for the readers. This site has been growing by leaps and bounds and that’s a trend I want to maintain. As the site expands, there’s more to do and less hands available to do it. It really helps having people contribute content. It’s exponentially more useful when those people are educated, literate, and have a good command of the english language! A little writer introduction sounded like a great idea!

The reason why I think Don is a perfect fit here at AccuracyTech, is his passion for the shooting sports and his interest in precision shooting in particular. He’s smart, eager to learn, and has experience in the industry. Most importantly, his perspective fits with the “average guy” common sense approach to precision shooting that AccuracyTech is known for! We wanted to do a post to introduce him to the readers so you have some background on who these guys are that are creating the content you read! I look forward to working with him and getting more of his experiences as he journeys into the art of precision shooting posted up for our readers! Rich

Don is a Minnesota college student working his way through school as a firearms coatings specialist. An avid shooter with a love for just about all things gun related, gladly sharing his somewhat unique experiences with anyone who will listen. If you have any questions for me, email us!


  1. Look forward to reading your work, Don. This blog is always a avorite stop for me.

    1. Author

      Thank you. Rich is being pretty awesome in letting me essentially have complete control over what I write which so far seems to have worked well for us both. There’s a lot more to come that I’ve been working on and it’s going to be a great next few weeks.

  2. I always look forward to new articles on this blog so the more writers the better! I wish you would have posted your “getting into long range” post about a year ago when I was just started to get into long range. I probably would have gone a little bit different route.

    Anyway I like what you have contributed so far and will be looking forward to seeing more from you.

    Also, Good luck in your educational pursuits!

    1. Author

      Heh. Yeah I wish I’d been able to write it about a year ago, but I didn’t have the opportunities then like I do now. It’s been a busy year but it laid a lot of groundwork for me to really get my feet on the ground for this.

      Also thank you for the feedback. This is really my first go at anything like this, and feedback is definitely helpful for me to develop my voice when it comes to writing. I’m following Rich’s advice and trying to keep things to about 1,000 words at a time so it’s not so long winded that people lose interest, but I can still get a lot done. In the mean time I’m going to just say that the next few weeks will be interesting, both in terms of solid information I’m going to provide people, as well as some new things that I don’t think anyone has ever thought to do before.

  3. Don I’m really looking forward to hearing what you can teach us about long rang precision shooting. As most folks know, knowledge and performance improvements in complex endeavors like precision marksmanship, don’t often come from brief discussions. So, I hope all the articles this great site offers won’t get so tight on word count that they fail to achieve the mission – using well-crafted words, effective images and explanatory diagrams to convey the ideas and techniques that will help us all get better at precision reloading more effective at delivering that precision down range. As everyone knows, enhanced performance requires a thorough knowledge of both the ‘fundamentals’ and ‘nuances’ that allow us to achieve down range success in the sport we love.

    So, best of luck Don and ….. get out there and write!

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