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XLR Industries Envy Chassis Released!

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Today I wanted to point out the release of the XLR Industries Envy chassis! As I don’t have one in hand yet this is not a review, but a preview or discussion of the new offering from XLR Industries. We’ve been following the development of this chassis since it was announced at SHOT. This chassis is being marketed to the competitive shooter with input from guys like Jake Vibbert, who’s sponsored by XLR Industries! He’s also winning just about every match he attends these days. Obviously, we’re into competition shooting here at AccuracyTech, so this piqued our immediate interest. Now that the chassis has been released there’s a few final tweaks we can discuss while we wait for ours to be delivered. After some hands on time we’ll be doing a full review!

XLR Envy Chassis

I mentioned this in an article we did about a visit to XLR Industries in Grand Junction, Colorado. XLR Industries is a real force in the precision shooting world. They were one of the first to produce chassis systems on a large scale that didn’t come with a huge hit to the wallet. This is not to suggest there’s anything cheap about the product. It’s all made right here in the USA on high tech CNC equipment. Rather, my implication, is that XLR Industries produces a chassis system that will run head to head with the top offerings today. They do it at a competitive price which makes them a hard option to pass up.

XLR Industries - Envy

Photo from a few weeks back before they added the dovetail for ARCA/Swiss mounts and tripods

The XLR Envy was their answer to the booming competitive shooting scene. XLR Industries has been producing quality stocks for years. It’s not uncommon to see multiple versions carried by multiple shooters at just about any match you attend. However, they wanted to address competitive shooting specifically. The idea was to take the success of their Element Chassis and rework it a bit. Modify the design and add features that competitive shooters want or use regularly. I mentioned Jake Vibbert. He’s a nice guy and an amazing shooter. I’m told they sought his input while working on the design concept for the Envy.

Envy Chassis Features

You’ll see some similarities between the Envy and the Element, and a number of differences. One thing XLR started doing as recently as a couple years ago was adding a bit of a magwell to their stocks. This helps guide the magazine into the chassis for faster magazine changes. Another reason they did it is because competitive shooters would often press forward on barricades and obstacles. By adding a magazine well it gives the shooter something to push against other than the magazine. Pushing against the mag can cause feeding problems. XLR Industries took the concept a few steps forward. They beveled the magazine well like you see on competitive pistols so it helps guide the magazine in. Then they serrated the face of the magwell so it bites into whatever you push against.

Checking fitment with my Bighorn Arms TL3…dropped right into the R700 inlet on an Envy chassis!

The handguard is two inches longer than the Element. The farther out you can push the bipod, the smaller the arc the barrel moves through when you’re less than stable. This translates to a smaller wobble zone in the sight picture. They’ve also integrated a lengthy picatinny rail under the front end. Why do you need one that long? It seems excessive till a match director makes you shoot off the top of a barrel, or a small wooden spool, at a precision rifle match. A longer rail, and additional MLOK mounting points, allow you to move your bipod back towards the magwell. This allows you to shorten up the “wheelbase” of the rifle for shooting off of narrow props while still keeping the rifle on a solid stance.

More Features Still

Earlier this year I sold a couple items I had laying around. Some were not getting much use. A couple items were brand new. The goal was updating and upgrading my tripod setup. I scraped the funds together and bought a Really Right Stuff tripod and leveling base. It’s worth every penny. One of the reasons I’ve been following the release of the Envy chassis from XLR industries is because a chassis offers mounting options a stock does not. I wanted to mount a plate so I could direct mount a chassis to the stock. I’ve done this with my AR10 and it offers excellent stability.

ENVY Chassis Swiss Dovetail

To direct mount the Envy chassis, you don’t even need an adapter for an ARCA/Swiss style mount…it’s already a part of the chassis!

Well, wouldn’t you know it…XLR one upped me. They actually cut an ARCA/Swiss dimension dovetail right into the hand guard of the Envy Chassis. As of when this article publishes there is only one other stock with the same feature, the Master Piece Arms chassis. I expect we will start to see it become a more standard feature as the ARCA/Swiss mount tripods gain traction in the precision shooting community. They hadn’t added this feature just a few weeks ago when I visited their shop. Which brings us full circle to a point I made then. They’re never finished with a product and continually looking for ways to make their offerings better!

Wrapping Up

I’ve got one of these pre-ordered so we should have it in hand pretty soon. I’m going to run it for several weeks and then report back to you guys with what I’ve found. This is a pretty feature packed chassis for the money. I’ve met and spoken to the guys building them and they’re good folks. I would be surprised if this turns out to be anything other than a hit, especially with the competitive crowd. I’m looking forward to some hands on time with it and I’m sure you guys will be eager to see what I come up with! If you’ve got questions or things you want me to look into once I get it in my hands, let me know in the comments below!

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    XLR Announces the Release of the ENVY™ Rifle Chassis System

    The highly anticipated ENVY™ offers a winning blend of features, function, and durability. It was designed specifically for those shooters who desire professional level precision.

    Grand Junction, CO. – August 3, 2017.

    XLR, a leading U.S. manufacturer of custom rifle chassis and components, is proud to announce the release of the ENVY™ precision rifle chassis. The feature-rich ENVY™ was developed from the ground up through years of cooperation with some of the best shooters in the world.

    The ENVY™ rifle chassis has a base weight of 35 oz (without buttstock or grip) and will initially be available for the Remington 700 short action and clones. The sleek, one-piece design is constructed from rigid 6061-T6 aluminum for an ultimate balance of lightness and durability. A multi-point radial cut inlet allows the receiver to sit in the chassis stress-free for the utmost in accuracy (no V-block). As with all XLR chassis, the ENVY™ is a direct bolt-on application with no gunsmithing or setup required by the user.

    Unique to the ENVY™ is the integrated, Arca-Swiss™ style, 1.5” dovetail mount on the forend. This allows the chassis to be used with a camera tripod. Having the mount integrated ensures that it will never come loose during strings of fire. It also allows for a longer dovetail than a traditional bolt-on adapter would, which provides for more versatility in balancing the rifle by sliding it forward and aft.

    The integrated detachable magazine system allows the use of AICS style magazines. A new style of magwell features a larger, tapered opening for faster magazine changes and has an angled, serrated face that can serve as a barricade stop. In addition, the ENVY™ also features an integrated 5.5” picatinny rail located on the bottom of the handguard as well as five strategically placed QD sling sockets. An integrated bubble level keeps cant issues in check. The M-LOK™ compatible handguard allows the shooter the option to custom-tailor the chassis with M-LOK™ accessories.

    “What we have put together is the perfect package for your competitive, PRS style shooter,” said Matt Means, Sales Manager for XLR. The ENVY™ has more integrated components than any other chassis in its class. This highly anticipated product release will satisfy the needs of anyone seeking a durable and highly adaptable rifle chassis. The ENVY™ will of course come with our lifetime warranty.”

    The basic ENVY™ package is priced at $740 with many upgrades and options available. The ENVY™ is available now on the company’s official online store at http://www.xlrindustries.com.

    About XLR

    XLR is a U.S. based manufacturer of world-class rifle chassis, components, and accessories. The company manufactures the renowned Element, Evolution™, Carbon, and Envy™ chassis systems for professional shooters, tactical shooters, and hobbyists alike. Using only the finest materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, XLR strives to maintain its reputation for quality and tactical innovation.

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